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STOP PRESS: Nov 5th 2015

Lena's Nest named Book of the Year by reviewer on McRenegades



Six five-star reviews so far on Amazon!



Lena Curtis, a robot designer and AI researcher, survives a serious car accident involving her and her two young children. She emerges from a coma to discover a world full of small anomalies - for example, the placement of a birthmark on her daughter's face. Slowly, these changes build to a point where Lena becomes severely spooked. What is going on here?


Lena's nights are plagued by dreams involving a man, Noah, who claims to be from the future - 90 years ahead, to be precise. Noah tries to warn Lena that her post-coma existence is not what it seems. Lena, struggling to maintain her life as a single parent and university researcher, dismisses Noah's warnings as a symptom of post-traumatic shock, overwork and stress. 


Then Lena is involved in a second crash, which plunges her fully into Noah's world.  She is confronted with the consequences of her own research and becomes involved in a quest to help the citizens of the future as well as to discover the fate of her children. Finally, she will be faced with a terrible choice - should accept her current life or return to her old one, knowing what she now knows about its status?


Lena's Nest is science fiction with a strong female protagonist - a realistic scientist with a family to manage on top of her engagement with world-leading research.


Written by Rosalie Warren (a.k.a. Dr Sheila Glasbey), a former AI researcher and lecturer with an MSc in Artificial Intelligence and a PhD in Cognitive Science.